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'''Brian Lavelle''' (born 1972) is an Experimental music|experimental Scottish people|Scottish sound artist, born in Glasgow but now living in Edinburgh. He has been recording with varying degrees of intensity since around 1990. His recorded material could be described as resonant, textural layers of digital material, drones and processed field recordings. He has used the electric guitar in many of his recordings, often using it as a drone instrument or percussive accompaniment, rather than in a more traditional context. From 2000 to 2003, Lavelle curated the net label techNOH, which orchestrated more than thirty five releases by electronic composers from all over the world. He has recorded a number of albums with Richard Youngs, the Radios series: a ten album set of releases focussed on a particular set of sound sources, processes and the notion of chiasmus. Lavelle also...
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